Safe Tech Tucson is comprised of residents, business owners and respected members of the various communities within Pima County and the City of Tucson who are committed to working in partnership with our elected officials to enact a telecommunications ordinance that protects our public safety, privacy, and property values.  


News stories on neighborhood protests against the installation of

small-cell towers in Tucson    

Channel 13 KOLD, June 10, 2021 

"Midtown residents host block parties, rallies and bake sales to stop towers from going up"

Channel 4 KVOA, June 14, 2021


"5G Rollout in Tucson met with opposition"

Tucson Residents:  


Cell towers are invading our neighborhoods without our consent. These microwave factories pollute our homes,  endanger "safety of life and property," obscure our landscape, and destroy the quiet enjoyment of our streets and landscape. 


Good news! We already have the solution to Tucson’s wireless problems: a new Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance protecting public safety, privacy, and property values, while complying with state and federal law.


Please join our efforts in urging the City to immediately enact the Tucsonans' Ordinance created by Tucson residents, business owners, and a network of telecom experts from across the country.

Have you noticed that more and more Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (WTFs) are popping up all over Tucson every day, right in front of homes, schools, businesses, daycares? 


Do you think about the possibility of them being installed right in front of your home or business? Perhaps, one already is. But be certain: carriers have a plan for your street, and right now the City intends to let them have their way. 

The densification of WTFs is a nuisance, wreaking havoc on the beautiful Tucson landscape, generating noise, obstructing our views, devastating property values, and violating our privacy and the quiet enjoyment of our streets. 

Wherever you look you will see new, redundant, overpowered WTFs everywhere. 

If we don't ACT NOW, by as soon as the end of the year there will be a tower cemented on every block in Tucson, at every 3rd house in all residential neighborhoods, out every person's windows, before every business, and on each corner of every park. 


The City of Tucson's current handling of WTF code violates not only our fundamental rights enshrined in the constitutions of the State of Arizona and the United States.  It also violates laws currently on the books that govern these installations and even those that govern public access to WTF records.

These WTFs Endanger Public Safety

Over 20,000 peer-reviewed studies undertaken by the U.S. government and university scientists have shown that the pulse-modulated microwave radiation emitted by WTFs has effects on all forms of life:  humans, animals and plants.  The towers emit more “Effective Radiated Power” than necessary, a violation of federal law (USC 47 §324). They thus expose us to excessive, ubiquitous microwave radiation in our homes, schools and businesses. 

They Violate Privacy


Microwave GHz frequencies are used to generate images, steal identities and gather information on our habits and behaviors. They are being used right now for social crediting and engineering in China.

They Reduce Property Values

Research indicates that over 90% of home buyers and renters are far less interested in properties near cell towers and would pay less for a property close to cellular antennas. A price drop of 20% or more is found in multiple surveys and published articles.

Who decides where these cell towers will be installed? The telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT&T.  Both state and federal law requires co-location of antennas on existing infrastructure. But the City of Tucson has not enforced this law.  Why?  City officials say it's because the companies don't want to. 

Local residents and business owners are not given advance notice, and only discover the plan after holes are dug in their yards. 

The City of Tucson has not yet stepped up to regulate operations of WTFs, or lawfully deny permits that do not intend to co-locate.



Safe Tech Tucson is a group of volunteer residents and business owners working with top experts around the country in telecom law, public health, and wireless technology to fix Tucson's looming WTF disaster. 

The Tucsonans' Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance was submitted to the City of Tucson on March 24, 2021.   

The Ordinance protects public safety, privacy and property values while still meeting the City's telecommunications needs and abiding with state and federal law.   

 City of Tucson office complex

Presidio Park    



We are asking the City of Tucson to hold a Study Session on the Tucsonans' Ordinance and adopt it into Tucson's municipal code. We are also asking that the full public records for each new WTF application be posted online immediately. 

We need your help spreading the word and letting your elected officials know that you want them to adopt the Tucsonans' Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance because the uncontrolled densification of wireless networks affects you, your family, your neighbors, and the animals and plants of the Sonoran desert.

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Videos from residents meeting with

City of Tucson staff

March 15, 2021

Professor Russ Witte, PhD's presentation on "Problems with 4G/5G Wireless Infrastructure and Improving Tucson's Wireless Telecom Code" [6 min]

Dr. Witte is a Tucson native and Professor in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona

Julian Gressor is an international attorney, professional negotiator, and inventor. He was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School and MIT's Program on Science, Technology and Society. 

Renowned Attorney Julian Gressor explains to Tucson City Staff that they have legal authority to regulate 4G/5G wireless telecom infrastructure [10 min]

Tucson public records are incomplete! Listen to discussion with city staff.  "Request vs. Review (Inspect)" [40 sec]

Small-cell towers affect animals and plants too

Robin Motzer, Habit Restoration Expert

I speak for the Trees and Nature.  

Manmade electromagnetic radiation is harmful for trees ... damage afflicted on trees by cell towers usually starts on one side, extending to the whole tree over time.  Each antenna projects a known toxic pollutant — pulsed, data-modulated, Microwave Radiation — a public safety hazard. For 5-bars’ telecommunications service and quiet enjoyment of our streets (-85 dBm .. or 0.002 watts), is all we need.

With the 2nd largest bee population in Pima County, one of                the largest biodiversity sites of flora and fauna in the world ...

our area demands the highest standard of protection. It’s a national

and international treasure. And we owe it to the plants that bring

us not only food, but also imagination, transformation, and

spiritual fulfillment.

Excerpts from Comments to Tucson City Council, March 9, 2021