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HB 2365:  Arizona's 5G streamline bill

The final state bill that was passed into law by the Governor of Arizona can found at this link.

Arizona’s HB2365, signed into law on March 31, 2017, limits local control over the deployment of wireless telecommunications facilities, including small-cell antennas, in public rights-of-way.  The streamline bill was heavily lobbied for by the telecom industry and became the first 5G fast track state bill signed into law in the U.S.

Andrew Campanelli (NY), arguably the top telecom lawyer in the country, referred to HB2365 as "one of the most nefarious state laws I've come across" and insisted that the people must have it repealed. Nonetheless, HB2365 provides many legal avenues for cities to better protect public safety, privacy and property values. 

Yet, until today, the City of Tucson continues to negotiate with industry rather than collaborate with local experts, informed residents and business owners who have drafted the Tucsonans' Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance--which is far more protective than anything proposed by the city.

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