Tucson small-cell tower map

PIMA County small-cell tower map

Capture_Small cell poles April 13'2021.J

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How to access Tucson small-cell tower permits and other info

  1. Open the street light map (see above)

  2. Go to the location of interest by either

    • Panning and zooming to the desired location

    • Search by address or intersection in the top-left search bar

               Wait until all the green, red and yellow symbols are displayed

  3. To focus only on small-cells, click on the filter symbol in the top-right bar                 

  4.  Select (mouse click) on one of these symbols, as appropriate to your interest:


  5.  Highlight and copy the permit number

  6. Go to the PRO (Property Research Online) web page: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/pro/pdsd/

  7.  Select “Activity Search” on the left (address search will not show small cell info since they are not at property addresses)

  8. Paste in the permit number from #5 above

  9.  Click the blue search button, view the initial information as needed (Status, Dates, Description)

 10. Click on the blue bar with the permit number in it

 11. Scroll down to view sections

  • Permit Detail

  • Reviews (e.g., electrical, historic, engineering…)

  • Completed Inspections: this is where you can get info on the timing of progress towards actual installation and the installation itself

  • Documents:  Various pdf versions of the permit.  If there is more than one it may  be because of a permit renewal, plan change, or contractor.  Bigger numbers (e.g., -R2, -R3 are more recent, but often the full pdf with engineering plans is the oldest document)  

Who to contact with questions about small-cell towers

Nick Gasior, City of Tucson Utility Coordinator

Phone:  (520) 240-3637

Email:  Nick.Gasior@tucsonaz.gov