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Irresponsible deployment of 5G cell towers in Tucson, AZ:  Notifications to the City of Tucson

In March 2022, a series of educational notices prepared by residents from across Pima County and Arizona began to be served to Mayor Romero and the six Tucson City Council members.  The notices remind them of their Oaths of Office to protect public safety and property and educate them in State law and the Arizona and U.S. constitutions, which give them the authority to do so.  The notices show how the current deployment of 5G cell towers violates both the rights of Tucson residents and the sworn oaths City officials take to defend the constitutions.  They list actions—fully within the City’s authority—to solve this problem.


Anyone in the country can sign the notices at the links below.  The signed documents are automatically sent by email to the seven main recipients, with copies to the Tucson City Attorney, City Manager, Director of Transportation, Chief of Police and City Clerk, in addition to Pima County and Arizona State officials.   Learn more about each notice below.

Notice #1

Fundamentals of constitutional rights and State laws, and violations thereof.  Sign #1 here.

Read and sign the notices

Notice #2

Actions to address violations of constitutional rights and State laws. Sign #2 here.

Notice #3

Failure to protect electrosensitive residents and the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert. Sign #3 here.

Notice #4

Summary of failures to protect residents from the deployment of 5G cell towers.  Sign #4 here.

Read the
Affidavit here.

Note:  Safe Tech Tucson did not create these notices.  They are being posted on this website as a service to the residents and public officials of Tucson.

Notice #1  Fundamentals of constitutional rights and State laws, and violations thereof

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The first notice provides the foundation, laying out the constitutional provisions and laws relating to the deployment of 5G cell towers. The notice:

  • Details the clauses in the AZ and U.S. constitutions, and in the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.), relevant to the deployment of the towers, including those that give the City of Tucson the power to regulate the towers;

  • Lays out the Oath of Office that government officials must take binding them to uphold the Peoples’ rights to safety and property;

  • Shows how the current deployment is a violation of Tucsonan’s rights and of City officials’ oaths;

  • Reminds officials of their obligation to prioritize the rights of the People they serve above and beyond any goals of private companies and any agenda for Tucson to be a “smart” city. 

Notice #2  Actions to address violations of constitutional rights and State laws

The second notice lists actions that address the violations documented in Notice #1, including:

  • Cease and desist in the permitting, installation and operations of 5G cell towers until a protective telecommunications ordinance is in place;

  • Include the People of Tucson all aspects of decision-making regarding the tower deployment and institute an appropriate public notification and appeals process; 

  • Enforce laws limiting the amount of microwave radiation that can be emitted from the towers, and put into place a system for testing and monitoring radiation levels;

  • Enforce environmental reviews as required by the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA);

  • Provide appropriate ADA accommodations for disabled individuals who have been diagnosed with electrosensitivity.

Second notice_Sniped jpeg.JPG

Notice #3  Failure to protect electrosensitive individuals and the plants and animals of the Sonoran desert

Third Notice_banner.JPG

The third notice focuses on the failures of the City of Tucson to protect the disabled as well as animals and plants.  It shows that:

  • By allowing the indiscriminate placement of 5G cell towers close to homes, schools and densely-populated areas, the City of Tucson has failed to protect residents, as well as the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert, from harmful infrastructure that emits dangerous  microwave radiation;

  • The City’s permitting of 5G cell towers without ADA compliance constitutes a violation of electrosensitive residents’ civil rights under ADA Title II and Title II regulations;

  • Environmental reviews of the towers are required under the National Environmental Protection Act, yet the City of Tucson has not required evidence of reviews prior to approving permits, thus potentially jeopardizing the health and survival of plants and animals.

Notice #4  Summarizes failures of the Tucson City Council and Mayor to protect residents from the deployment of 5G cell towers 

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