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How to make a public comment at a Mayor and City Council meeting 

Since the City continues to violate the Open Meetings Act, our only option is to "request to speak" at a Mayor and City Council meeting. 


Please note that the speaking platform is from your phone only all whilst viewing your computer screen of the "LIVE" streaming council meeting which is accessed via this link


Here are the steps you need to take in order to get on the docket to speak for 3 minutes during the Public Comment section of the meeting.

1. Email the City Clerk with your name and phone number and the date of the meeting you want to speak at.


2. You must send this email no later than 12:00PM NOON the day of the meeting, which is always on a Tuesday. See 2021 schedule.

3. The Clerk will email you back with instructions on how to call in.

4. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m.  However it may not start on time. It is useful to have ready a copy of the agenda so you can follow along and be PREPARED for when the Mayor opens up the call for public comment.


PLEASE BE LISTENING FOR YOUR NAME. You will need to ACT quickly or she will pass you up!

5. Have your 3 minutes scripted out. We can help you with this! Email us.

Thank you for having your VOICE be heard.

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